At the age of eight, Milou de Rooij started to follow harp lessons at the Kunstlinie in Almere. She was accepted as a student of Erika Waardenburg on the Young Talent Class of the conservatory of Amsterdam six years later. She continued there with her Bachelor study. In the summer of 2011 Milou successfully obtained her BA in Music. Milou won various prizes at competitions, e.g., the Dutch Harp competition and the SJMN competition. She followed master classes of various prominent harpists, such as Isabelle Perrin, Emilia Moskvitina, Skaila Kanga and Petra van der Heide. Milou is currently active in various chamber Music ensembles, including Duo DanaŽ with violinist Sabine Poiesz and Duo RooijBosch with soprano Martha Bosch.

Milou plays on a Salvi Diana, made available to her by the Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten fonds.

In 2012, Milou finished the Master of Art in Art Management at the Utrecht School of the Arts / Open University of London. During this study, she has conducted research for, amongst others, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. In her master thesis "Evaluation Music Education: Evaluation Processes in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom" she compared current evaluation processes of numerous education departments in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Harp Violinist Sabine Poiesz and Milou form the Duo DanaŽ. The combination of instruments and young musicians creates a fresh and inspired interpretation of the repetoire. Besides the grand romantic pieces, Duo DanaŽ performs compositions that are not originally composed for these instruments.

Harp Another promising ensemble is Duo RooijBosch. A few years ago, Milou and soprano Martha Bosch met at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and it did not take long before they decided to form a duo. The interesting combination of harp and cantus inspires them to express their shared love for chamber music over and over again.